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Mike Kleiner
Mike KleinerPrincipal

Principal update

There is great work happening here!


My name is Mike Kleiner. I’m the incoming Principal at Discovery High School and the luckiest educator in the State of Washington. I’m not trying to sugar up to anyone here – I have landed in the best job a person could hope for.

Why? There is one number that says it all: 17%

In 2017 Discovery High School had a 17% increase in our graduation rate. I will be the first to tell you – I had nothing to do with that; but it’s why I feel so fortunate. I get to work with a highly professional, ferociously dedicated staff. As I have gotten to know these folks, I have been continually impressed by both their care for our kids and their shared focus on graduation and preparation for life ahead.

Whether you are considering Discovery, or are a returning student or parent, we look forward to talking to you.

Best wishes for a great start to the year.





August 18th, 2017|
To provide an alternative environment for individualized learning where each student achieves academic success and meets graduation requirements.
Every student will have their individual learning needs met through personalized instruction in an alternative environment that leads to their academic success and graduation.
  • We care about kids in this building.
  • Our kids come first.
  • Every student matters and is important.
  • Every student can learn and discover a learning passion.
  • Every student can succeed here and graduate.
  • Graduation is an important achievement for all of our students and staff.
  • We are impacting each student’s future
  • We are here to help our students learn how to learn.
  • We create an atmosphere where students can learn.
  • There is a “kid” inside of every “student” that can be reached in some way.
  • One or all of us can change one student’s life.
  • There is at least one staff member here who can connect and form a relationship with each of our students.
  • The “impossible” is possible
  • In achieving real goals
  • Our kids are smart, they are capable and they can do it.
  • We are dedicated to do what is best for our students and give them the opportunity for success.
  • As a group that we are good about “meeting kids where they are” and guiding them.
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