Phone-Free Classrooms

We have be using a system called “Yondr,” to improve teaching and learning by making our classes phone-free.

Yonder instructions: How it works, 1.Case, 2.Lock, 3.Unlock

We know how connected people are to their phones, but phone use in school has become too distracting. Too many kids miss credits because they can’t focus in class. We can’t get them graduated if we can’t get their attention.

More and more studies prove that cell phones interfere with a student’s academic success. In 2017, the University of Texas at Austin concluded that “the mere presence of cellphones reduces available cognitive capacity.”

The way Yondr works is simple.  When students enter Discovery, they will place their phones in an assigned Yondr cell-phone pouch.  The pouch locks and the student keeps their pouch with them.  Students maintain possession of their cell-phones throughout the class period, but they will not be able to use them until they are unlocked.  

In an effort to best serve your child, we are asking for your support in the use of Yondr at Discovery. It is already used by hundreds of middle and high schools, corporations and artists across the world to improve focus, production and the overall human experience of its users.

Thank you for supporting our school and our students as we move forward.