One thing that is true for all schools, everywhere: a student’s best chance for success comes from interacting with excellent teachers in a supportive setting.

  • Daily attendance is mandatory.
  • For 10th – 12th graders, according to graduation year.
  • Students are required to complete a student-led conference.
  • Electives may be taken at RA Long or Mark Morris High Schools.
  • Athletes may compete for their boundary high school and still attend full time at Discovery.
  • A typical course of study, in a classroom environment. Teachers work with kids, but in a smaller setting. Yes, everyone has the option to take online classes, but that is not our focus.

Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) at Discovery High School:


  • Open to students who have completed at least 16 credits. This will be evaluated by Discovery staff upon enrollment.
  • Available to all students, including students with disabilities.
  • There are no school buses running at that time, so arrangements must be made by the student. (If this presents a hardship, we’ll address it individually.)

How it works

  • Students enrolled in an ALE program must meet the contact requirements defined in WAC 392-121-182.
    • Attendance is mandatory once per week. This will usually be in person, from 2:30 – 3:30, either Mon., Tues., Thurs, or Friday.
    • Missing 3 consecutive scheduled days will result in being dropped from the ALE program. Students work independently from a regular classroom setting or schedule, but it may include direct instruction;
  • May or may not consist of online courses. If taking online courses, student is responsible for providing a computer and access.
  • Supervised, monitored, assessed, evaluated, and documented by a certificated teacher employed or contracted by the school district.
  • Provided in accordance with a written student-learning plan that is implemented pursuant to the district’s policy and Chapter 392-121, WAC.

Coursework in an ALE program:


  • More than half of the course content is delivered electronically;
  • More than half of the teaching is conducted online via Odysseyware or other electronic tools;
  • A certificated teacher has the primary responsibility for the student’s instructional interaction. Instructional interaction between the teacher and the student includes, but is not limited to, direct instruction, review of assignments, assessment, testing, progress monitoring, and educational facilitation;
  • Students have access to the teacher synchronously, asynchronously, or both.


  • Less common. Assignments and assessments that are arranged with a Discovery teacher and completed at home. This requires careful arranging. Our teachers specialize in teaching kids face-to-face, and are not creating lesson plans for students they don’t see.

Student Performance in ALE

A student must make measurable progress in order to remain in an ALE program. A student who does not make satisfactory progress after 3 months will be dropped from ALE and rescheduled for another program.

  1. Students participating in ALE will be evaluated monthly by a certificated instructional staff, or, for students whose written student learning plans include only online classes, school based support staff, to track student progress toward completion and to establish whether an intervention plan should be developed, in
    accordance with WAC 392-121-182.
  2. The methods for determining satisfactory progress shall be outlined in the written student learning plan and may include:
    • Progress grades;
    • Assignment completion rates;
    • Non-academic factors such as attendance, attitude, and behavior; and
    • Local school expectations.
  3. Satisfactory progress:
    • No F’s at the time of the conference.
    • It remains reasonable that each course can be completed by the end of the semester.

Avoiding Cheating in ALE

The district will use reliable methods to verify a student is doing his or her own work. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Proctored examinations at Discovery HS;
  2. Proctored projects that are built/completed at Discovery HS;
  3. In-person presentations; or
  4. Real-time presentations using Facetime or other means.


It takes a lot of self-discipline and time management to complete online courses. Before beginning an ALE program, students and parents will meet with Discovery staff, to determine whether an ALE program is really the best plan.

  • Program for  9th – 11th grade students
  • Required content classes (math, English, science and social studies) are completed at Discovery High School and students will have access to electives at their boundary high school in the afternoon.  Credit deficient students may take all classes at Discovery.
  • All students are enrolled in a C.O.R.E. (Collaboration, Organization, Responsibility and Exploration) class where they get additional support toward graduation, learn to collaborate, develop organization and responsibility skills and explore career interests.  The purpose of this class is to increase student success toward graduation and prepare them for life after high school
  • Daily attendance is taken and is a requirement of this program
  • Students and parent/guardians will work in collaboration with the Discovery High School staff to assist their child in reaching graduation
  • An attendance/credit completion/behavior expectation agreement is signed by parents and students at enrollment
  • Classes are taught in a blended model of hands-on project based classes along with on-line Apex courses.
  • Students/parents receive grade reports quarterly and students are required to complete a student-led conference with their parents three times per year.